K L Drywall, Inc.
Custom Textures
                                                American Clay

American Clay, Natural Earth Plasters bring the appealing finishes of nature to you home, office, school, business, or anywhere you want to add healthful beauty to your interior walls and ceilings.

Manufactured in and using materials from the United States, American Clay uses natural clays, recycled and reclaimed aggregates, and vibrant natural pigments in each of our three beautiful finishes: Loma , Porcelina and Marittimo.

American Clay Earth Plasters surround your family or workplace with the warm beauty of soothing texture and rich color— far exceeding the interior surfaces produced by traditional paint, stucco, or other finishes. Earth Plasters are non– dusting, mold and fade resistant, repairable and moisture controlling.


           Old World Walls

       We have a wide variety of limestone plaster to give you the look you’re after. Many products are mixed on the job giving us the opportunity to fine tune your project, so you are sure to get the finish that you want.



Custom Hand Texture

     A standard in the custom home market. We now offer it to you so your home can be as custom as you like. From a heavy plaster to a smooth soft and subtle look.




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